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Single Minded Hot Topic Talks

Trish Koutrodimos, October 10 2020

Last Wednesday kicked off Single Minded's first hot topic discussion, "Friendship: Beyond the Superficial," with Single Minded chair, Dani Treweek, interviewing UK rector and author Vaughan Roberts. Roberts shared his own experience of prioritising work over friendships and one day realising how disconnected he felt. He encouraged listeners to inve...

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mens fellowship

Mens Game Night Unites Against Common Enemies

Broderick Wann, October 1 2020

Nothing draws men together quite like fighting: fighting over who has the most lucrative and dangerous Jurassic Park, warring over who has the best heroes in the castle, and battling for dominance over a tiny wooden board with tiny wooden pieces for a tiny wooden victory. Thus it was at the mens boardgame night at Toby's house on Saturday 26th Sept...

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womens fellowship

Womens Event - A Sumptuous Time

Jemima Nichols, October 1 2020

On Thursday 24th September, Urban Grace women gathered at Emily Tong's house for felting and fellowship. Rachel Noakes encouraged us from the book of James to seek God‘s wisdom amidst the uncertain times we live in, and to consider how we can practically rely on God each day. Following this, Emily enthralled our senses with a sumptuous mountain of...

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Support Inner West FC

Trish Koutrodimos, September 22 2020

The competition's getting close - real close. So close that the Inner West FC's next few games are all near Earlwood. Come support the guys (particularly Brodie and Joel from UG) and build relationships with Christians and others. Please social distance and BYO food. 26th Sep - 1:15 PM - Beaumont Park (1 Homer St, Kingsgrove)3rd Oct - 3:15 PM - Yat...

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The Hope of Treasures in Badly Fitting Containers

Urban Grace Church, September 17 2020

Sunday the 20th of September, 2020. 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 Join us this Sunday as Audric Sardjono examines our human brokenness - are we doomed? Or is there hope for a greater future?

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This week at UG: Church and the Mission of God

Urban Grace Church, September 9 2020

Sunday the 13th of September - Hebrews 10:19-25 Every week people all over the world gather for "church". But what is "church"? Why do we meet together as a church? And what part does church play in God’s mission for the world? Well, come to "church" this Sunday and find out.

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This Week: Prayer and the Mission of God

Urban Grace Church, September 3 2020

Sunday the 6th of September, 2020 Revelation 5 God is on a mission. His mission: to save all nations. But what role do our prayers play in this mission? Come along this Sunday as Cameron Blair takes us behind-the-scenes of the throne room of heaven to see our prayers in action.

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This Week: Boasting in Christ

Urban Grace Church, August 27 2020

Sunday the 30 of August, 2020. Isaiah 4:2-6 The Lord promises to do amazing things for his people, things worth boasting about. But what are they? Join Callan Pritchard at Urban Grace this Sunday to find out.

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The Quest for Knowledge

Urban Grace Church, August 20 2020

Sunday the 23rd of August, 2020. Job 28 - Sam Terry. The quest for knowledge is an ancient one, deeply embedded in how we operate our modern lives. But what happens when that quest fails in the face of suffering? Come this Sunday and hear Sam Terry speak. Church starts at 4pm, COVID SAFE rules and protocols apply, please see our homepage for det...

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The Appeal of Love

Urban Grace Church, August 14 2020

Sunday the 16th of August 2020, Philemon Part 2 - Lewis Jones A slave. An unforgiving master. A redeeming apostle. What can the relationship between these three Christian brothers teach us about love? Find out this Sunday as Lewis Jones continues his series on Philemon. Come joins us at church or online, see our home page for details.

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