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Broderick Wann, October 1 2020

Mens Game Night Unites Against Common Enemies

Nothing draws men together quite like fighting: fighting over who has the most lucrative and dangerous Jurassic Park, warring over who has the best heroes in the castle, and battling for dominance over a tiny wooden board with tiny wooden pieces for a tiny wooden victory. Thus it was at the mens boardgame night at Toby's house on Saturday 26th September. 

And although we men were fighting each other over these important victories, the greatest joy of the night was fighting together against man's common enemies: orcs pillaging our castles and viruses pillaging our global health systems. In PandemicUrban Grace men put their corona-fighting minds together to find a vaccine and restore world order (world leaders, take note). In Castle Panic! we didn't flinch when faced with a veritable avalanche of foes; instead we hurled boulders, tar and bricks against the never-ending drawstring bag of doom to protect our precarious cardboard castle. Victory in this game is so rare that Chris Nario immediately took a photo to show Czarina! (Pictured above) 

Overall, the boardgames night was an epic time of fellowship. We hung out, ate, drank home-brewed beer, defeated orcs and glorified God. Thanks again to Toby for hosting, Robbie and Jemima for cooking, and Tim for organising the night - can't wait for the next one. Game on!

Written by

Broderick Wann

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