Know grace ‍‍‍- l‍‍‍i‍‍‍ve grace.

Trish Koutrodimos, October 10 2020

Single Minded Hot Topic Talks

Last Wednesday kicked off Single Minded's first hot topic discussion, "Friendship: Beyond the Superficial," with Single Minded chair, Dani Treweek, interviewing UK rector and author Vaughan Roberts.

Roberts shared his own experience of prioritising work over friendships and one day realising how disconnected he felt. He encouraged listeners to invest time in relationships - after all, how can we mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice if we're not close enough to people to know if they're happy or sad? 

Listeners were also challenged to break through the shiny, "everything's fine" surface, delve into the awkward under layer and search for greater intimacy. Roberts pointed out that our Christian friends might not actually be functioning as "Christian" friends i.e. we're not reading the Bible or praying together. Asking for prayer points and praying on-the-spot are great ways to go beyond the superficial, find out how our friends are really doing and create intimacy. 

After all, while Adam was in perfect relationship with God, God still created a fellow human - Eve - for him so he wasn't alone. But, Roberts reminded us that Jesus is our ultimate friend - He will walk through life with us and therefore we are never truly alone. 

Single Minded hot topics are held on Zoom every Wednesday night in October. Register on the Single Minded website. 

Written by

Trish Koutrodimos

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